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Our Take on Natsu Fuji

Updated: Dec 23, 2019

If you're into the music producer side of the internet, there's no way you haven't heard of Natsu Fuji; and if you haven't, you've come to the perfect place.

Natsu Fuji is a Belgian producer who pretty much started from scratch. This producer's story is pretty interesting, as he started off by making beats on a video game, known as "Music 2000 (MTV Music Generator in North America) "

From there, he's been an absolute beast in the beats industry. A majority of his music is available on Youtube, but you can also find it on other platforms, such as Spotify and Soundcloud.

Natsu Fuji fuses video games, anime, theme songs, quotes, and countless other things, with his own style and taste, resulting in a completely different world of sound. For example; if you listen to his Sonic The Hedgehog inspired tape:

Forced To Fight

His Dead or Alive inspired tape:

DOA Infinite

His Tekken Inspired Tape:

Enter The Tekken

and many others, you'll hear an aesthetic sound of your favorite video games, rehashed and revolutionized; increasing your standards, and doubling your taste in music.

Natsu Fuji also fuses the Asian style, as well as the Caribbean and Hispanic style of sound with his own style into his music, bringing in some pretty interesting results. Have you ever

heard of Caribbean K-pop? Well now you have.

This isn't all though. Natsu Fuji is an extremely talented remixer as well. Some of my favorites are the Korean Pop mixes, and the American Rap mixes. Natsu Fuji combines the most unsuspecting sounds and sample chops in his remixes, making it something you've never never heard before, but also something you most certainly will never forget.

Natsu Fuji's YouTube has grown, and is rapidly continuing to grow (regardless of complications) Natsu Fuji's spotify numbers are also topping his records, year after year at that. We recommend you to him if you're looking for a new type of sound.

Natsu Fuji on Youtube

Natsu Fuji on Spotify



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