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Our take on our Collaborative artist "Slutty Sonny"

We've known Sonny for a while now, as a great friend. And we've also experienced the ups and downs that it's taken him to get to where he is now, and with this, we can proudly and certainly say that Sonny is a very stand-up, yet "Never-give-up" Type of guy.

A lot of people may have a lot of different interpretations of Sonny, but when you talk to him, really get to know him, or watch the way he moves, you'll figure out pretty quickly that he's a rather kind-hearted person. Don't take that and run with it though, because he doesn't take any mess. He's the type to trust you; but if you cross him, it'll definitely be one of your biggest regrets in your life.

Music wise, Sonny is very different. On first glance, you can tell that he seems as if he'll bring something new to the table; and trust me. That instinct is completely correct.

Sonny brings a type of Metal/Rock vibe together with the rolling high-hats, and loud bass with his music. It's the kind of music to keep your blood pumping, and your adrenaline rushing. Feeling a bit reckless tonight? Listen to some Slutty Sonny, and it'll most definitely satisfy your needs.

Don't think that's all though. As well as he can make this Adrenaline Pump type of music, he can also make softer, sympathetic sounding tunes. Don't believe me? Just listen to his "Cruel World," and you'll quickly notice the difference in this side of him, in contrast to the more wild side.

All-in-all, Sonny is a pretty talented musician. You have a more sympathetic softer side of him, but you also have the more adrenaline pumped side of him, and it shows in his music. If you're looking for some pretty cool music, (and most of all; if you're looking for talent) you should definitely check him out. You won't be disappointed with this rockstar's art and talent. Don't jump in with low expectations either, because this kind of talent is rare, and it will most definitely go down in the books.

Slutty Sonny on Soundcloud

Slutty Sonny on Spotify



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