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Video game influence on Vaporwave

Updated: Dec 23, 2019

If you consider yourself a retro gamer, you probably notice that a lot of vaporwave art (even the clothing) may remind you of the games that were popular early on (1980s - 2000s)

When you played video games back then, it was almost like you were in your own world. It was just you, your snacks, and the game, right? Now try to look back at the games that you used to play, and look just a little deeper. You notice the abundance of Japanese characters? If not, do you notice the abundance of Japanese companies who had just about everything to do with the video games at the time? Do you notice all of the vivid colors? Do you remember the amazing; yet sometimes cheesy stories that the video games bared? If not, go give it a replay to refresh your mind and then come right back to this post so we can get to the reason behind why we asked those questions.

If you look at a majority of vaporwave fashion, and art; you'll notice the abundance of Japanese. (Seem familiar?) That's right; because it is. Japan in particular had a lot to do with the video games we played way back in our past, and as vaporwave is generally a blast of nostalgia, its only right to throw in the video game influenced Japanese words and characters.

If you notice, Vaporwave fashion has a lot to do with vivid colors. (Neons in specific) That has a lot to do with the video game/movie vibes back then. Games and movies, and even TV shows were full on popping with color. Despite the early camera and production equipment; they made sure we got a full experience, and boy did it work.

A lot of the popular stories from video games also play a major role in the genre of vaporwave. Some vaporwave clothing and art often feature popular quotes and sayings from the video games and stories. Next time you look at a vaporwave piece, and it has more than 3 words, or it has a phrase, just know that it may just be from a video game or a movie from the past few decades.



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