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Why Niche Down In The Clothing Industry

You are probably wondering why you should niche down if all the big companies such as Forever 21 and H&M don't exactly niche down. Well, smaller Online Retail stores like us don't have the same luxuries that bigger stores get to keep a variety of genres.

What's your Niche?

If you haven't figured out what our niche is, by looking at our page; I'll just tell you that we chose Vaporwave Clothing as our genre of clothing.


How To Choose Your Niche, and Why?


If you truly have a passion for your niche, then 9/10 you are already an expert.

with that being said, you have access to the Communities and Networks about the niche that you have accumulated over the time because of your passion. Rather than not niching down and putting all of your energy into something you don't believe in and have no expertise in,

you should focus on what has been in your face this entire time. To top it off, you get access to clothing you'd be glad to wear.


You have to know your competition. If the competition in that niche is high,

understand the hurdle you are about to get into. You want to know if you can afford

to stay in this market. You don’t want to full on compete with a brand like Gucci.


Don‘t get stuck in a niche if it's all dried out.

If it's community is dying, then who will be left to buy your products and get it going through word of mouth? Who will be looking up your keywords? No one.

Follow these few things and you should be on your way to creating an online brand you can be proud of.



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